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Alex Pardo


Alex Pardo is the Founder of Creative RE-Solutions, a home buying company based out of South Florida. The company's purpose is to help people by providing solutions to unwanted properties, and it's core values are: 

1) Having Integrity
2) Having a Positive Attitude
3) Going Above & Beyond
4) Being Solutions Oriented
5) Being Efficiently Productive

In addition, Alex is the Co-Founder of ASCEND, a high level mastermind and coaching community for Entrepreneurs that want to experience a better life and business.

Alex is also the Co-Founder of Holiday Mastermind, which was created to unite entrepreneurs that are passionate about go-giving, enhancing their businesses, all while doing so in a world class setting.

Alex is the host of the Flip Empire Show, a top rated podcast designed to help anyone achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. The show was launched in 2016, features industry thought leaders, and covers a variety of topics like entrepreneurship, real estate investing, marketing, team building, systems and automation, personal development, vision building, and more.

Through his businesses, masterminds, coaching, and podcast, Alex is able to fulfill his purpose of helping others achieve Freedom, while passionately living his vision with his family.  

Most importantly, Alex is a family man first. He is married to his wife, Natalie, and they have two beautiful girls, Arianna & Alessia. 

The Pardo family love to travel, experience life to the fullest, and have a positive impact on people's lives. 

Steve Cavanaugh


Steve Cavanaugh has been investing in real estate since 2003.

Steve owns Southern Maryland Home Buyers Inc., and is the former cofounder of the Southern Maryland Real Estate Investors' Group (SOMDREIG) which held meetings each month for 13 years and had a membership of over 1500.

Steve successfully ran a REI mentoring & coaching program and investment consultation business through which he and his student partners sold in excess of $80MM+ in real estate projects over the past 15 years. His students enjoyed a near 100% success rate, which is unheard of in the industry. Several of Steve’s students quit their full time jobs to pursue a full time REI career.

In addition to investing, coaching and consulting, Steve is a sought after national speaker on topics such as "The Art and Science of #LLOV (Live Life On Vacation)”. Steve has taught real estate investing concepts at his own live events and formally through courses at the collegiate level.

Steve’s areas of expertise include rehabbing, wholesaling houses and land, buy & hold strategies, financing/deal structuring, hard money lending, self storage, self-directed retirement account investing, location-independent investing, work/life balance and coaching others to become successful.  Steve’s renovations have been featured on HGTV, and in 2017 was awarded winner of Think Realty Magazine's “Best Kitchen Renovation” in their Renovation Rock Stars contest.

In 2016, Steve began assisting other successful investors throughout the country with the development and implementation of their very own coaching programs in their local markets using Steve’s coaching model as their framework. Highly profitable, and win-win-win, Steve refers to this as his “Coaching the Coaches” consulting.

In 2019, Steve and his good friend, fellow investor and widely-known REI podcaster Alex Pardo formed a unique hybrid coaching/mastermind group, ASCEND. ASCEND is an exclusive community of like-minded successful investors and entrepreneurs that not only want to take their business to new heights, but also want a happier, more fulfilled life. Since its inception, ASCEND members have been able to partner on lucrative deals while forming life-long friendships.

Steve has earned the reputation of being a down-to-earth "lifestyle entrepreneur" who does good deals that make sense while allowing him to live a relaxed lifestyle. As a Lifeonaire, Steve has structured his businesses to serve his life instead of the other way around.  Steve is an expert in location-independence investing and work strategy who Lives Life on Vacation (#LLOV) while operating his Maryland businesses remotely from Palm Beach, FL where he "semi-retired" in 2017.  Steve is married and has two children.

An avid musician, Steve produced a film entitled Art of Jamming, which teaches musicians how to improvise collectively within a group setting.

Steve’s guiding principles are: “quality over quantity” while always looking to “work less and make more”. 

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